Course curriculum

  • 1
    Electrical Chemistry Lecture Series
    • Lecture Notes (for all six lectures)
    • Lesson 1: Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonds
    • Quiz #1
    • Lesson 2: Chemical Reactions and Water
    • Quiz #2
    • Lesson 3: pH, Acids, and Bases (and the importance of an alkaline diet)
    • Journal Article Review: Diet Acids and Alkalis Influence Calcium Retention in Bone
    • addendum to Lecture Notes for Journal Article study
    • Quiz #3
    • Lesson 4: Biological Molecules Part 1
    • Quiz #4
    • Question and Answer Session #1
    • Lesson 5: Biological Molecules Part 2 and Biological Transmutations
    • Biological Transmutations (Full PDF)
    • Reference article for Biological Transmutations
    • Quiz #5
    • Question and Answer Session #2
    • Lesson 6: Practice Class Quiz
    • Question and Answer Session 3
    • Final Exam


“An excellent course which I recommend to anybody who would like a basic understanding of Electrical Chemistry. Patty provides practical applications throughout the course, which could change your life for the better! I believe everybody would benefit from taking this course”

Robyn WRobyn W

“The medical teaching I was craving for.. While studying Chinese medicine at school I was really frustrated by the A/P course. Some basics understandings were absent, and some parts were over-detailed. Eventually, I could not see the big picture, but just some intellectual stuff to brag with at dinner time. This course was exactly what I was looking for. Now everything takes shape. Thanks so much! Amazing synthetic and accessible work. I really appreciated the various references too.”

Brice H.Brice H.

“A new view on energy. The class is 1/3 of the way done and I have reviewed the old material and now see it in a new light. The class is fun and I have learned about views I have not heard of before. This just makes me more curious to keep pushing forward.”

Derrek  K.Derrek K.

“Patty is a fantastic professor! Loving the course. I highly recommend you join.”

Christina R.Christina R.

“This takes me back to school at a time when learning was exciting. Absolutely love it!”

Silke R.Silke R.

“Patty is an amazing professor. I have absolutely no science background, and I expected this class to be quite the challenge. Patty's teaching style is flawless - she not only makes complex subjects easy to understand and follow but also interesting. She provides great examples and her own thought-provoking commentary and ideas. I am so grateful to Patty for offering such a wonderful experience.”

Karissa M.Karissa M.

“I was so nervous about taking this course because I have been out of school for so long and especially taking on such a difficult topic. Pat explains things in such a way that makes the material study-able and do-able. The information is comprehensive and not just intellectual. What I mean by that is that you can take the information and apply it to real examples making it understandable and usable, as opposed to just filling your head with data. I loved the course”

Tracy F.Tracy F.